Director: Dr Kamran Fathi – Medical Physicist
Head of Mentoring: Noor Al Hussaini – Computer science teacher

Head of Marketing: Kauther – Dentistry Student
Deputy Marketing: Sowsan Bilal
Outreach Officer: Kashaf Imran – Medical Student

Head of IT: Ali Jaffri – IT |Consultant

Spokesperson: Batool Al Subeiti Chemical Engineering graduate

Development Committee:
Ali Majed Mechanical – Engineering Student
Dr Hamza Abbas – Medical Trainee
Reem Al Hakim – International Trips – Dentistry Student
Hussain Abbas – PhD Student

Ceremony Committee:
Mustafa Mansour – Law Graduate
Ali Hammed – Postgraduate and Medical Student
Zakaria Shafi – LSE Graduate Consultant

Other Committee members:
Dr Ali Heshmati – University lecturer – Engineering
Dr Azhar – The Islamic College
Dr Ehsan Pedram – Head of Physics A-level
Pardis Emrouznejad – Postgraduate Researcher Tissue Engineering
Dr Abolfazl Behbahani – Medical Trainee

Advisory Board:
We have the privilege of being supported by a range of highly qualified scholars and individuals from all sectors.