A. T. Award  is proud to be the only organisation in the UK that awards and celebrates the success of students within the Muslim community who have excelled in their GCSE and A-level exams.

Annual Award ceremony:

  • Celebrating the achievement of our youth
  • Opportunity to start friendships pre-university
  • Opportunity to meet fellows and network
  • Opportunity to find out about A. T. Award and what it offers to its winners
  • Opportunity to become a member of A. T. Award

Award ceremony setting for the day

Once the results are released and judged the winners will be contacted to attend the award ceremony with their friends and family. Award ceremony is usually organised on a day that has a islamic significance. The day is split in two events. A private meeting that is exclusive to A. T. Award winners and the public ceremony where students are awarded with their prize.


Private meeting

This is where the new winners are formally welcomed to A. T. Award family. Students will meet previous winners and have the opportunity to discuss and find out more about A. T. Award. There will be team building activities to bond friendships. The private meeting has been created to give winners the opportunity to discuss and find students with similar background.

(Photo of private meeting/s)


Public ceremony

Later on the same day winners will be invited to join the public ceremony where prizes are formally awarded in an eloquent ceremony. The ceremony is open to public but seats are reserved for winners and their friends/families.

A. T. Award takes pride in the award ceremony as it is the occasion where the community celebrates the achievements of its young members. The award ceremony also showcases many role models for the younger generation to strive and be a winner in future ceremonies.